Above Ground Pool Winter Care

GENERAL COMMENT: In as much as these pools are distributed to users in all geographical areas and are installed under varying climactic conditions, you must use your own judgment to determine the wisdom of leaving your pool up through the winter. The manufacturer cannot assume any responsibility for pool failure which might result from winter hazards, or from misuse or neglect. To winterize your pool properly you must follow these steps:

If thru wall skimmer inlet and outlets are used, the skimmer must be blocked off with a block off plate to prevent any water from laying in the skimmer. The return fitting must also be blocked off by using a plug on the inside of the pool. It is very important that the return fitting not protrude into the pool and that water is not allowed to flow into the skimmer. If this is not followed, when the ice in your pool forms it will grab onto your skimmer and return fittings, and if the ice should shift it will rip your wall at these locations.

A properly sized ice compensator (pool pillow) must be secured in the pool water to relieve the ice pressure that can exert severe pressure on the pool wall.

Proper chemicals must be used in order to prevent algae growth throughout the winter. A strong concentration of chlorine and an algaecide will help.

A cover must be used to keep out dirt and debris from the pool. It is important when securing the cover that enough slack is used so that it rests on the top of the water so that the pressure is not on the pool frame. A build up of snow on the top of the cover should be removed.

While the pool is winterized it is important that it remain undisturbed throughout the winter months.

Pool Cover Winterizing Steps

Right Way! The pool cover should lie on the surface of the pool water. Leave slack, do not pull tight. Any excessive accumulation of water, or snow should be removed immediately

Wrong Way! Do not install the pool cover this tight. The weight of snow or rain will force the cover at the seams and along the pool edges.

IMPORTANT: During the winter months, inspect your pool and surrounding area. Remove any accumulation of water, ice and snow from the top of the pool and from the skimmer and return to prevent formation of an ice, water or snow load which can cause severe damage to pool and pool cover.

It is essential that you monitor the amount of snow and ice on top of your pool during the winter months. If you feel that the cable that attaches the cover to the pool is too tight and is pulling up on the pool ledges, or is creating excessive weight on the pool, release the cable at once to prevent damage to the pool.

Please note: Improper installation of your pool cover can cause damage to your pool and may void pool and cover warranties, as specified by its manufacturers.

Never permit the pool to be used unless at least one person other than the bather is present. Children must always be under careful adult supervision.
Do not dive or jump into any above ground pool. They are not designed for diving or jumping.