Sand Filter Backwash

Sand filter backwashing should be done after a few vacuum operations to clean it from excess debris or when the filter pressure rises 8-10 PSI above the clean, or start-up pressure.

If the water level in the filter is low raise it. Then turn off the pump and clean the pump basket.

Roll out the backwash hose (if required) and turn the filter control valve to "BACKWASH".

Turn the pump back on and pump out dirty water until it runs CLEAR...then Turn off the pump.

Set the control valve to "Bypass" and turn the pump on from 5 to 8 seconds. Then turn off the pump again.

Turn the valve again back to "BACKWASH" and turn on the pump to get more dirt out of the filter. Run until the water turns clear. Turn off pump again.

If necessary repeat this step several times until the backwash water runs clear.

Turn off pump and turn valve to "FILTER". That's it!

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